The story of North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) would not be complete without the individuals, foundations, and corporations that contribute valuable financial resources to support our mission.  These generous donors share our belief that all children deserve equal access to high-quality educational opportunities.  They know the power of public-private partnerships and understand that their commitment is part of a long-term investment in our nation’s future. We are grateful for to the many individuals, corporations, and foundations that make the work of NCCP possible through their generous financial support.


Charlotte and Mark Ahern
Jim and Audrey Altounian
Michael D. Arnold
William and Janice Bartlett
Ann and Stephen Bartram
Joan O. Bent
Don and Sue Bergsrud
Linda Berner
Calvine Bowen (In honor of Sally B. Searle)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowen
John Boyne
Kathleen Brady
Alisoun and Stephen Brewster
Cecilia and John Buerkle
Mia and David Buhl
Cele and Rick Bull
Lockhart S. Burnett
Jean Burnstine
J. Melfort Campbell
Ed and Laura Carney
Marion Christoph
Eleanor and Charles Clarke
Charles and Vanessa Clarke, III
Francesca and Liam Connell
Mr. and Mrs. William Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick
Corsiglia, Jr.
Richard Cortesi
Margaret and Bill Crane
R. Warren Crews
Thomas and Susan Danneker
Terry and Garrett Dee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DePree
Mary and Daniel Dolan
Thomas and Katherine Donovan
James Duggan
Tim Dunn
Richard Egan
Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Brent and Susan Felitto
Robert Fentress
John and Kathy Ferguson
Jeff and Julie Forgash
Susanne and Matthew Foster
Katherine and John Fox
Jack and Jan Frigo
The Gamache Family
Robin and Neal Geitner
Audrey and Jim Gorter
Lauren and David Gorter
Tom and Jackie Gorter
Joan Granack
John K. Greene
Loretta Grennon and
Stephen Schutt
Peter and Elizabeth Hamilton
Lora Haynes, PhD
Jon and Christy Heaton
Debby and Jerry Henry
Mary and Mark Hoffman
Eugene Hotchkiss
Annie and Gregory K. Jones and Family
Tom and Margie Juedes
Donald and Judith Kahl
Bob and Karol Karlblom
Amy and Dan Kaufman
Elizabeth Keats
Thomas E. Keim
Victorene and Brian King
Doug and Liz Kinney
The Knobel Family
John H. Krehbiel, Jr.
Mary and Brad Krey
Andrew Kubicek
Caron and Alan Lacy
Sarah and Charles Lamphere
Wendy and Charles Lane
Kitty and Rob Lansing
Larry and Barbara Leffingwell
Anne and Craig Linn
Barry MacLean
Carol and David Mark
Sue Marolt
(In honor of Marilynn Sullivan)
Madonna and John Merritt
Tom and Chris Meyer
Frank T. Mohr, Jr.
Sheila Moller (In honor of Stephanie Fisher, Shelley Hooke and Susan Krivoshik)
Cathy Mongeau
Diana Moore
David Mordini
Dick Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison
Dean and Bonnie Parker
Mary and Robert Pasquesi
Mr. and Mrs. Homi B. Patel
Michelle Patenaude
Marian Phelps Pawlick
Lorna and Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr.
Mary A. Phillips
Roger and Liz Platt
Sarah Davis Priest and
Tom Priest
Robin and Timm Reynolds
Jeanne Sanchez
Denise and Terry Scherck
Andrea Schweitzer and
Calvin Fentress
Marion Searle
Kiki and Bill Smith
Leslie and Peter Smith
Michelle Smith
Edward Steele
Nancy and Os Steinwald
Ellen and Jim Stirling
Mr. and Mrs. David A. F. Sweet
Carol and Kirk Sweet
Philip W.K. Sweet
Bill and Pattie Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G.
Wacker, III
Ann and Jeff Walters
Jim and Kathy Warfield
Pam and David Waud
Carla Wescott
Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zafirovski
Ramona J. Zerilli


AbbVie, Inc.
Discover Financial Services
Lake Forest Shop
NetJets Aviation, Inc.
Roquette America, Inc.
Southwire Company (in-kind)
Windy City BMW, Inc.
Wintrust Financial Corporation


AbbVie Foundation
Clarks Fork Foundation
(Margaret S. Hart)
The Grainger Foundation
D&M Grumhaus Fund
(Mary and David Grumhaus)
The Garrett Family Foundation
Glasser and Rosenthal
Family Foundation
Gorter Family Foundation
Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation
Hoban Family Charitable Foundation (In memory of Elizabeth Hoban)
Jamee and Marshall Field Fund at The Lake County Community Foundation

The Jennifer and David Grumhaus, Jr. Foundation
The John and Kathleen Schreiber Foundation
Karen and John Crotty Foundation
Red Bird Hollow Foundation (Paula and John Lillard)
Robin and Sandy Stuart Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Roger and Susan Stone
Family Foundation (Karen and Matthew Kaplan)
Scott Family Foundation
Searle Family Trust
Seven “C” Foundation (Corkey Cathcart)
The Siragusa Foundation
Tyler R. Cain Foundation
Wesley Family Foundation
Woodward Family Foundation


Christ Church
The Church of the Holy Spirit
First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
Invest for Kids
Lake Forest Academy
Lake Forest College
Lake Forest High School

National Inventors
Hall of Fame, Inc.
Network for Good
North Chicago Community
Unit School District 187
Society of American Military Engineers (Lake Michigan Post)

MEMORIAL – William G. Hartman

American Family Mutual Insurance
David Eldridge Archibald
Leslie Ann Armstrong
Susie Atkinson
Christopher S. Bacon
Jim and Beverly Baker
Beth Bartlett
Sam Bartlett
Roberta Baum
Jan and Bill Bartlett
Scott and Susan Bartlett
Sara Bayone*
Alysson Blackwelder
Laura Blackwelder
Teresa Blackwelder
Mike and Kitty Brown
Ann Stuart Burroughs
Carol Caris
Heewon Chang
Maggie Crane
Jeanine Dean

Cristina Denison
Jonathan and Susan Dick
for Sweet’s
Marny Dixon
Hannah Fishkin*
Paul Fritsch
G10 Men’s Group
Tim Downey
Greg Neal
Kevin Neville
Roger Scott
Jim Seefeldt
Bob Smith
Darryl Stackhouse
Tag VanWinkle
Bryant Vente
Garden Club of Highland Park
Gerald and Mary Gill
Michael and Peggy Griem
Catherine S. Gross
Jennifer and David Grumhaus*
Katie Grundin
Betsy Harootyan
Jim Hartman
Susan Hartman

Tom and Espie Hartman*
David Hendron*
Ike Hong
Earl and Michelle Johnson*
Fred and Diane Kamps*
Alicia Kennaugh
Janet Leszczynski
Liz, Ship and Kristie Leupp
Carole Lueders and
the Development and Alumni Relations Department at
Lake Forest College
Anne McCabe
Bonnie and Jim McColl
Michael McColl
Patricia McKay
Glen McMurray
Craig and Susie Myers
Matthew Nagel
Laura Nordgren*
Philip Park
Irene Pierson*
Joyce Bettinger Reda
Laurie Reinstein
Davison and Isabel Rice
Jennifer and Randy Richards
Ashley Rippentrop
Barbara Rosenberg
Joan and Bob Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. John Rudolph
Stephen & Jessica Schar
James C. Schmidt
Jean Schmidt
Bradford and Carrie Shafer
Elizabeth Shafer
Lisa Shepard
Ryan and Amy Shoemaker
Caroline Shumate
Ward Starrett
William and Nancy Starrett
Dane and Linda Stotzer
Jon, Stephanie, Amanda,
Phil and Wesley Stotzer
Rick Stotzer
The Struggles Family
Sylvan Beach Resort*
Katelyn Uhlemann
Judy and Doug Weidman*
Peter and Margaret White*
Cynthia Willis
Kevin Winston
Mary Stuart Wisnom

MEMORIAL – Andrea Cutting

Richard Day
Kim and Greg Kazarian
Beth and Graham Cook
Jamie Stallings
Shawn Ward

*Donations received in fiscal year 2019