“In partnering with NCCP for the past 10 years, my appreciation and support for what they do goes far beyond words. Booker T. Washington once said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” This must be in the NCCP mantra as this is what they are all about and what they intend to do on a daily basis. They aren’t looking for any fancy award or and recognition. What they are looking for is to invest in our kids and staff and make each day an amazing opportunity for both.”
Mike Grenda
Principal, A.J. Katzenmaier Academy

The impact of North Chicago Community Partners’ (NCCP) presence within the school community and the effectiveness of programs and services provided are measured in many ways. In some cases, just the provision of a service that did not formerly exist is an important outcome. However, as programs and relationships mature, quantitative and/or qualitative measurements are necessary. The impact of NCCP’s programs, events and services is informally evaluated on an ongoing basis and formally evaluated at the end of each school year using data from multiple sources. Highlighted below is a sample of responses from the 2017-18 year-end surveys.

  • 97% of teachers/staff felt the collaboration with NCCP contributed positively to the school community and improved school climate.
  • 94% of teachers/staff felt the after hour and weekend events for students and families were educational, enriching and engaging.
  • 93% of teachers/staff agreed the After School Enrichment Program supported the social emotional development of participants and positively impacted the academic performance of participants.
  • 99% of parents felt the After School Enrichment Program offered a positive and encouraging learning environment for their children.
  • 94% of parents agree their child is more motivated to study since attending the After School Enrichment Program.
  • 96% of parents agree their child is making better grades since attending the After School Enrichment Program.