“The sense of support teachers and students felt was phenomenal. Students looked forward to programs and constantly speak highly of the NCCP staff.”
North Chicago District 187 Teacher

School climate, attitude, and collective morale influence the quality of instruction and, therefore, student outcomes. School climate and overall culture also affects teacher retention, recruitment, and parent engagement. NCCP recognizes the necessity of teacher support and appreciation in order to attract and retain the best and brightest educators.  We designed our Teacher Hospitality and Care program to complement the district’s efforts to foster positive, supportive, and strong school climates and cultures.

One component of this program is Staff Appreciation Lunch, a monthly meal provided for teachers/staff to express our gratitude for their work and partnership.  Each year, NCCP employees and volunteers prepare and serve approximately 2,500 appreciation meals.  NCCP also provides move-in support at the start of the year and organizes hundreds of volunteers to assemble back-to-school supply kits, monthly “drops of care,”  and self care kits.  Gratitude for teachers was also shown in abundance during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Year-end survey feedback from educators encourages and inspires NCCP employees and confirms that our efforts are making a difference.