“NCCP and Jennifer Grumhaus are a treasure like nothing I have ever seen… The time and talent that NCCP brings in support of District 187 has resulted in both staff and students having access to opportunities they would not normally have.”
– Dr. Ben Martindale, Chief Education Officer,
North Chicago Community School Unit School District 187

NCCP is committed to developing the next generation of leaders and growing the pool of talented professionals in North Chicago, both in and out of our schools. We are able to invest 100% in this community and in the schools because NCCP is whole-heartedly committed to investing in our employees. Since 2008, we have grown from a team of one and a half paid employees to a team of close to 40.  The professional development of our employees, as well as our commitment to hiring and training a diverse workforce, remain our priorities.

Just as in our schools, the culture and climate within our team at North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) drives our ability to design and implement programs that have the greatest impact, develop strategic partners and build authentic relationships within the community.  NCCP’s employees desire to grow as professionals and people, embrace diversity, are eager to collaborate and hold themselves and others to high standards on a daily basis.  We also all believe in the potential of every child.

Interested in joining our team? Feel free to send your resume to careers@northchicagocommunitypartners.org.