According to a report from the National Education Association, “A positive school climate is recognized as an important target for school reform and improving behavioral, academic, and mental health outcomes for students…A positive school climate also has benefits for teachers and education support professionals. Schools where educators openly communicate with one another, feel supported by their peers and administration, and establish strong student-educator relationships tend to have better student academic and behavioral outcomes.”

Consequently, North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) works to foster a sustainable, positive school climate by ensuring all members of the school community, including teachers, are supported, respected and engaged.

NCCP’s volunteers and partners play an integral role in changing school climate in North Chicago.  They help us supply all teachers with classroom materials, provide hospitality before Parent Teacher Conferences and serve Staff Appreciation Lunch, every month, at each community school.  NCCP also works with the district’s custodial and maintenance contractor and hundreds of volunteers to improve school facilities and create environments that are conducive to teaching and learning.