On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, the red carpet was rolled out at Howard A. Yeager School (YES) for a night filled with literacy family fun. The Red Carpet Literacy Night came together through a collaboration between the YES staff and North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP), and with the support of community volunteers. The event served as an opportunity to unite parents, students and the school community through the exploration of a variety of humorous and entertaining enrichment stations related to reading, writing and comprehension. In total, 182 guests came out to enjoy the star dazzled event. At the end of the event, each student received a kit filled with a folder, journal, colored pencils and more so they could continue the fun at home, and four lucky raffle winners walked away with movie packages containing an AMC gift card, popcorn, candy and a movie.

Highlighted below are a few examples of the Red Carpet Literacy activities enjoyed by all attendees:

Action Reel Storyboard– Families turned into playwrights and were invited to script a storyboard using the parts of speech by competing a MadLibs film strip.

Paparazzi Photo Caption– Just like journalists, students and parents got creative and provided captions for a variety of candid photos.

Action! The Director’s Cut- Students took their vocabulary skills to new heights by acting out, drawing and describing select words for family members and volunteers, who then had to guess the word.

Red Carpet Bingo- Guests played bingo with book titles that have hit the big screen. Winners of each round were awarded with a trophy to take home and put on display.

Person of the Year Cover Page- Each student was voted person of the year and practiced their writing skills by creating their very own TIME magazine cover page.