On Saturday, February 27, 2016, North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) and Lake Forest College (LFC) joined forces to bring the fifth annual Forester Day of Service to the students of A.J. Katzenmaier Academy, Forrestal Elementary School, North Elementary School and Yeager School in North Chicago Community Unit School District 187 (CUSD 187).

The day was centered on Dr. Seuss’s New York Times Best Seller Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Through a variety of purposeful activities and discussions, created and facilitated by NCCP, over 200 LFC volunteers and 300 students from CUSD 187 were partnered together as buddies for the day and (among other things) explored the Seussical activities below:

Book Reading and Discussion-Each student engaged in a reading of Oh, The Places You’ll Go alongside their buddy and participated in a short discussion about what the book meant to them. After the reading, students were able to write or illustrate answers to the prompts: Where I Want To Go, Who I Want To Meet, What I Want To Learn and What I Want To Be.

Career Exploration -Using Lego candy, students and their buddies explored two careers – teaching and engineering. Their first challenge was to answer a series of math problems, and then they designed and built a structure with their Legos. Students were then introduced to the diverse roles of scientists by recording their predictions as to what would happen when mixing a variety of ingredients and testing their hypothesis by observing the reactions.

Balloon Sendoff- To close out an amazing day of learning and relationship building, students and their buddies wrote their dreams on a small piece of paper and attached it to a helium balloon. After a count down, the pairs let go of their balloons and watched them float into the sky.